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Introducing Scholl Party Feet Ultra Slim Foot Cushions

Elegant, sexy, stylish but sometimes instruments of torture - your high heels.
Want to make them work for you? The ultra slim, soft gel Scholl Party Feet™ Ultra Slim Foot
Cushions are the discreet and efficient way to alleviate burning pain in the balls of your feet. Slip them into your shoes to help make your high heels more comfortable with confidence that they won't slip out. Stay firmly in the feet elite.

Discover it's unique features & benefits

They help

Prevent burning pain

in the balls of your feet

Helps prevent and relieves the burning pain in the balls of your feet. Provides excellent cushioning. You're guaranteed bespoke comfort wherever you go.

Discreet & Reliable

Comfort & confidence

of wearing high heels

Ultra slim and made of clear gel, they offer discreet help. Non slip technology to stay firmly in place gives you confidence. The now thinner, improved design provides even better comfort and allows 25% more space in your shoe.

Washable & Reusable

Designed to fit

any ladies high heels

The cushions designed to fit unobtrusively into the ball of foot area of any ladies’ high heel footwear. And since they're reusable and washable, they are always there when you need them.

Learn how to use it and watch
the Scholl Party Feet Ultra Slim Foot Cushions video

1.Get started by peeling the protective film away from the cushion.

2.Insert carefully into the front of your shoe with the sticky side down and the pointed end facing the heel.

3.Put your favourite heels on, use Party Feet™ and enjoy the comfort of walking with pain free feet, at any occasions.

Party Feet™ collection

Party Feet™
Ultra Slim Cushions

Prevents burning

pain in the balls

of your feet

Sometimes you feel as if the whole weight of the world rests on the balls of your feet. But soft gel pads cushion the impact of the ground and give you support you need. Cushion yourself, for more comfortable feeling.

Party Feet™
Invisible Gel Heel Shields

Protects the back

of your heel from


Specially shaped for a comfortable fit around the heel, the Gel Heel Shields help stop shoes slipping and protects the back of your heel from friction and rubbing. Long lasting cushioning and protection for long lasting satisfaction.

Party Feet™
Invisible Gel Heel Cushions

Protects your

heel from friction

and rubbing

Increased pressure, which occurs during walking and standing, may result in painful areas under your hills. By padding the area, the Gel Heel Cushions help to relieve any discomfort.  Feel this soft, springy, feline walk.


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